Welcome to St Nic's

St Nic's is a lively evangelical Anglican church in the marketplace right in the centre of Durham. If you've never been to church before and are just curious, or you've been a Christian for years, you're welcome at St Nic's. It's a place to meet Christians of all ages and from all walks of life.

Students enjoy making St Nic's their spiritual home.

We run midweek and Sunday groups for toddlers, children and teenagers. There are small groups for adults offering friendship and Bible study. We run the Alpha course which enables people to ask their question about Christian faith in a friendly and unpressurised way.

In addition to our Sunday services, our community coffee lounge is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 12noon.

Our vision is that: St Nic's aims to be an attractive, gracious Christian community which is connecting people with Jesus.  

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Harvest Supper Friday 19 September. Please contact church office if you would like to come.

Alpha Course coming up: starting Thursday 16 October for 8 consecutive weeks.  To find out more information please contact the church office or Janet McHugh

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31 August 2014 

0.15am. Morning Worship
Colin Patterson is preaching this morning, continuing our new Sermon Series The Beginning of the Good News, with Mark 1: 16-20 Follow Me.  Creche space and toys are available in the Upper Hall during this service and activities for children 4-11 years in the Lower Hall after the first song.

5.30pm. Service of Holy Communion
Peter Johnson is preaching this evening, continuing our new sermon series on The Psalms, with Psalm 3: Lord, get me out of this!

7.15pm. Sessions @ St Nics
Although not in 'service' format during August, there will be a meeting for fellowship, prayer and Bible study with a special focus each week. This week: Prayerful People: a space to pray in different ways, through Philippians 4. Meet at church at 7.15pm.