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St Nics Church
Durham City

Connecting people
with Jesus
Sunday Students Amigos Messy Church
Welcome to St Nics. More >
Messy Church at All Saints, Newton Hall:
"Messy Easter", Good Friday, 10am
and "Breakfast on the Beach", Easter Sunday, 4pm.More >
Information and events for students. More >
Amigos, our international group, meets every Wednesday. More >

Why St Nics?

Our aim is to be a community that can connect people with Jesus in an accepting and friendly way. We're an evangelical Anglican church. More...

Where's St Nics?

We're the church in the marketplace at the heart of Durham. You're welcome to join us! More...

What we do

Read about the many different groups and meetings happening on Sunday and through the week. More...



Holy Communion will take place at our 6am Dawn Service and 10.15am All Age service this week. See full details. This Sunday is Easter Sunday, when we celecrate Jesus rising from the dead.

  • 6.00am: Dawn Service of Holy Communion
  • 10.15am: All Age Easter Holy Communion. There are no young people's groups meeting this morning as we will all celebrate together in the service. Creche space and toys are available in the Upper Hall during this service but parents are requested to please look after their own children.
  • 6.30pm: Joint Easter Evening Celebration Service (AT ELVET METHODIST CHURCH)

Talks are all recorded, and you can download them here to get an idea of what you can expect.


Mid week


"Church" doesn't just happen on a Sunday.



Worship Central

Worship Central Course - a 7 session course from Worship Central starting on 20 October at St Nics. 

It's particularly aimed at worship musicians, but also great for those involved in leading worship more broadly.

The last session will take place on 20 April.


2015-16 Interns Scheme now open.

Find out more, and download an application pack.

Latest post

September 9th
And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great - Job 8:7Over the past few days a new band of interns have arrived at Nics, got a bit lost and tried hard to remember everyone's names. There are four of us in all, Jo, Emily, Becca …

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You said...

The preacher was 10 out of 10... as an ex-teacher, the Revd Day knew how to gain and keep people's attention. His talk was interactive throughout..
Mystery Worshipper - Ship of Fools