Community of St Cuthbert

Welcome to the Community of St Cuthbert

I am delighted to welcome you to the adventure of being part of the Community of St Cuthbert. Our community is about living out our Christian faith together, as we grow in knowing and trusting our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a journey for all of us—young and old, beginners or experienced in the Christian life.

       Based at St Nic’s Church, Durham, the Community of St Cuthbert is about loving God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength, and living our lives in step with the rhythms of God’s grace.  

"Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhtyhms of grace."
 —The words of Jesus, from the Gospel of Matthew (11.29, the Message translation)

The Seven Rhythms of Grace

We follow in the steps of St Cuthbert, the 7th century Bishop of Lindisfarne, who lived a life deeply rooted in God, both personally and with others, and sought a life of service that embodied God’s life-giving justice for all.  

       So we meet in Spiritual Growth Groups (SGG's) and seek to keep in step with 7 key rhythms of God’s grace, in:

  • prayer and bible study

  • worship and hospitality

  • service through service and justice

  • and celebrating God’s regular gift of rest


The Community of St Cuthbert was launched in 2020. You can read more about it below and in the series of study guides that we have created for our community (also below). I hope you will find Spiritual Growth Groups an exciting and rewarding part of the life of our church. Please do get in touch if you have questions, as we develop our Community and its resources through 2022.

Woman Praying


We resolve to Pray each day. We pray for at least ten minutes each morning or evening. We spend time listening to God as well as speaking to God.

Spiritual Support Groups

What Happens when a Group meets?

We pray, study, and encourage one another. We share hospitality. There is a Bible passage to focus on. We often use Community of St Cuthbert study notes. Each group member in turn is given an opportunity to speak honestly about an aspect of their current Christian journey. We include silent reflection and time for encouragement. Groups can develop an element of accountability to help actively support each other in discipleship.

How Often do Groups Meet?

We encourage short, regular meetings – e.g. one hour a week. But it depends on the group. The important thing is that people commit to turn up to support one another and make every effort to attend.

How to Join a Spiritual Support Group


If you would like to join one of our SGGs, then please email our Richard Briggs, our prior, at, with this information:

  • name

  • whether you want a group that meets in person or on zoom, or both.

  • which evenings you are available (options are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday)

  • your location (e.g. Newton Hall, Gilesgate, etc.) and whether you can travel by car, or if you would prefer to host a group.

Study Guides
Rhythm of Life

Here is our Community of St Cuthbert Rhythm of Life statement for 2022. Your Group Leader will have received this and can bring any questions back to Richard (