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We are delighted to announce that our new Prior of the Community of St Cuthbert (CSC) will be Rev. Dr. Richard Briggs. 

Richard will be known to some of you in his role as Lecturer in Old Testament and Director of Biblical Studies at Cranmer Hall, where he has worked for the past 17 years. He will be continuing in that role full-time and as of 1st October will be taking up the Prior role alongside it as a non-stipendiary appointment, based in and contributing to the life of St Nics.

Richard says ‘I am very excited about this new opportunity to serve the church in and around Durham, and particularly happy to be joining the team at St Nics. The Community of St Cuthbert is a wonderful new initiative that St Nics have already been developing, and it is all about seeking old wisdom for new times – locating the rhythms of God’s grace in our confusing and stressful world. I look forward to exploring and developing that with you all, and to seeing what God has in store for us.’

Arun says: “We couldn't be more pleased that Richard has accepted the invitation to lead and shape the Community of St Cuthbert. At the heart of the CSC is a commitment to discipleship and deepening faith to which all people across the diocese and beyond are invited. As both a scholar and priest Richard brings with him the skills and experience which we believe God is calling him to use in this new role. He will be a blessing to us here at St Nics as well as to the wider diocese."

Richard is Lecturer in Old Testament at Cranmer Hall in Durham, and for the past 5 years has also served as curate and then associate minister at St Giles in Gilesgate, St Mary’s in Sherburn, and St Cuthbert’s in Shadforth. He is married to Melody, who teaches at the Lindisfarne College of Theology, and they have three adult children, and a dog who likes to think of himself as an adult. They live in Broompark in a converted church building.

Licensing Service

Revd. Dr. Richard Briggs will be licensed by the Bishop of Durham following his appointment as the new Prior of the Community of St Cuthbert. This service will take place online via Zoom and as is available to watch here on our website, as well as on Durham Diocese's Facebook Page. To follow along, please download the Order of Service below.

Welcome to the
Community of St Cuthbert

Discipleship meets real life

Being a Christian is a lifelong process of coming to know and trust Jesus Christ. It's a steady (and sometimes unsteady) growth in obedience and wisdom. In a word, it is being a disciple. 


Being a disciple of Christ means answering fundamental questions as to who we are (identity), what we do (purpose), and what communities are we in (belonging). Becoming a disciple of Christ means placing our discipleship at the very centre of our lives. This is not a one-day-a-week hobby. Our discipleship determines who we are, the choices we make and the people - both locally and across the globe, who make up our spiritual family.

The Community of St Cuthbert welcomes any Christian who longs to grow in their discipleship to Jesus and who is prepared to journey with others in a quest for a life-changing faith. Drawing inspiration from the life of St Cuthbert and centred in the Diocese of Durham, the community of St Cuthbert is united in a common commitment to a spiritual lifestyle. This lifestyle is shaped by five Rhythms of Grace and by participation in a Spiritual Support Group which seeks to deepen discipleship and refocus our way of living. The five Rhythms seek to grow life-giving habits. These are starting points that can help us to understand who we are, and what we need to do to grow as disciples of Christ.

Rhythms of Grace


Resolve to pray each day.

Spend time with God in prayer, listening to God as well as speaking to Him. Pray for at least ten minutes each morning or evening.

What Happens when a Group meets?

When a Spiritual Growth Group meets, each member, in turn, is given space to speak honestly about some aspect of their current Christian journey. Usually, they will focus on one or more of the Rhythms of Grace. After a member has spoken in this way, there will be a short time for silent reflection, followed by a time when the other members can comment on what has been said.

The keynote here is support and encouragement. Alongside this, there will be an element of accountability in a way that shows one another we are actively interested in supporting each in their discipleship. It is usual at the end of each meeting for each member to choose some specific task to work at in the days leading up to the next meeting.

How Often do Groups Meet?

That depends on the group. For some it will be weekly, for others fortnightly, the important thing is that people commit to turn up to support one another and make every effort to attend.

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