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St Nics Durham Churchyard

Help us restore the Churchyard to become a sanctuary for all.

Churchyard Info

Have you ever visited St Nics Churchyard? 

It's at the bottom of Providence Road, off Claypath, as it turns the corner into the Sands.  It is a wonderful wilderness of two and a half acres, which has sadly become overgrown.

Some members of the Churchyard G
roup have got together with members of the local community to take action. The Churchyard Group has been relatively recently formed by the PCC to oversee all matters relating to the Churchyard. Some of the members on that group are also on the Climate Justice and Creation Care Group (formerly known as the Eco Group), which previously did a lot of the preparatory work on this project, which is much appreciated. 

Over the past few months we have worked hard to apply for grants which will help to kick-start the transformation. We want it to become a sanctuary for wildlife and for people, whilst still preserving the sanctity of a place where loved ones are remembered and cherished. We have been given a grant by the City of Durham Parish Council, for which we are very grateful, for a landscape designer to create a plan, which the PCC is currently looking at.  See the plan here. 

We are very pleased that the local residents’ association, the St Nicholas Community Forum, which is a separate organisation from St Nics, has funded a consultation document and has also organised the circulation of it to the local residents and others interested (printed versions accessible in church), and you can view it here. We are very grateful to them for doing this. We're sure that many of you will want to respond with your own ideas.

A grant from Durham County Council, for which we are also very grateful, gives us the chance to make a start on creating a wildflower meadow, helped by the expertise of Durham Wildlife Trust.  This is where you come in!


View the Churchyard landscape design and Info Packet below:

The Big Help Out Day 

On Monday 8th May, 50+ volunteers came together for the Big Help Out Day. Progress was made in planting a wildflower meadow, two bug hotels were built, footpaths were widened, and a small number of graves were cleared. A very big thank you to all of our volunteers!

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Read the latest St Nics Churchyard Newsletter for future volunteer opportunities, grant information, churchyard plans, and more. 

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