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Climate Justice &
Creation Care

St Nics cares deeply about Climate change and sustainability.

We hold the issues of Climate change and Sustainability as important, central themes; seeing one of its key roles as caring for God’s Earth. We have been awarded the Bronze eco church award by  Arocha UK, and will be working towards attaining the Silver Award.

Green Fund

We have a dedicated 'Green Fund' which any member can give to by simply donating money to the church and marking it for the Green Fund. This is most easily done via the Treasurer.

It is envisaged that a common way that members may wish to use this is when they wish to offset their carbon use for travel or domestic use. The Green fund will be used for spends that help to reduce the Church’s carbon footprint.

Waste and Plastic

Although there is always more that we can do, here are some of the way that we are trying to reduce our waste and plastic throughout our church:

  • The church has a policy in place striving to eliminate the use of 'single use plastic'

  • Recycled paper is used for administration purposes and is printed double sided.

  • There are active recycling bins in use outside the kitchen door.

  • We plan to have re-usable cups available for congregation members to buy and to bring for use for coffee after services

Energy Use

The Church uses a green energy supplier and had recently replaced the gas boiler for a significantly more efficient one. It is currently looking into a scheme for replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs on a rolling basis.


Environmental Issues are prayed for and preached on regularly, although not on a prescribed basis.


St Nics supports and connects with other groups with similar environmental concerns, both secular and religious.

Carbon Footprint

All members of the congregation are encouraged to measure and reduce their carbon footprint. We will soon be suggesting and publicising a way to do this.

It is church policy to take into account the carbon impact of all new significant spends or initiatives.


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Eco Group

St Nics Eco group meets regularly every 2 months to consider new ideas and monitor how the church is meeting its commitment to its stated objectives concerning sustainability and climate change. It reports to the PCC via the Standing Committee. Anyone is able to make suggestions for agenda items they would like to be discussed if relevant to the stated objectives.

The point of contact is through the current chair Richard Lilly email:

Climate Week Meeting

Our annual Climate week featured daily prayers from members of our congregation, a whole church prayer meeting, and a very informative meeting where we discussed matters of the climate and our responsibility as Christians. You can watch the meeting here as well as download Richard Lilly's and Dave Bookless's presentations.

Past Newsletters

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