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We are seeking two faithful, enthusiastic and motivated Youth Disciplers who will be committed to the flourishing of God’s church in our city of which St Nics is just one part. At their core, both roles share a common aim of disciplining young people, primarily but not exclusively through the development of spiritual support groups as part of the newly formed Community of St Cuthbert.

The Youth Missioner role will lead our work in seeking to connect with and make disciples amongst young adults in the city with an emphasis on those aged 16-18 in FE colleges and sixth form. The Youth pastor who will lead on working with our existing young adults aged 11-18


Both roles form part of a team working with congregational volunteers, ministry experience volunteers and with the newly appointed Prior of the Community St Cuthbert seeking to grow the church in discipleship, service and number.

The closing date for both of these jobs is 13th November 2020. You can download the job description and application below.


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