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40 Weeks resources
for families

As a church we are in a period of 40 weeks, looking at how we put Jesus at the centre of our lives, church and our circles.  You have reached the families Circle page! 


At St Nics we believe a few important things about children and families: 


1. That all people can encounter God and experience him, which includes children of all ages. 

2. That parents are the greatest influencers of their children's faith. That they are well placed and are fully equipped by God to help develop their children's faith every day in different ways and different situations. 

Six things to do at home to help put Jesus at the centre of your family circle



Look at Bible stories together. The frequency and the 'how' you do this will be different for each family but check out the resources below for ideas.



Listen to worship songs in the car or at home and learn memory verses. 

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I Wonder

Ask 'I Wonder' questions. For example, 'I wonder what your favorite part of create is..? I wonder how Jesus feels when you are a good friend..?'

Read | Listen | Practice

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