St Nics, Durham

Leadership Team

Arun Arora - Vicar

I am a proud Brummie where I was born, raised, studied and worked variously as a market trader (clothes not stocks) warehouse operative, retail assistant, barman, campaigns officer and employment lawyer. After 4 years practising in the law  I served as Diocesan Communications Officer and Bishop’s Press Officer in the Diocese of Birmingham before training for ordination at Cranmer Hall, Durham - during which time I could often be found at the then 8pm service at St Nics, never for once thinking I might end up here as Vicar one day. 

I served my curacy at St. Mark’s, Harrogate and was also Director of Communications for the Archbishop of York. I led a Fresh Expression Pioneer Church in Wolverhampton before becoming Director of Communications for the Church of England in 2012. I became Vicar of St Nics in June 2017. I can often be found talking, writing and tweeting about faith both on and offline as well as bemoaning the performances of Aston Villa Football Club. I am married to Jo - who is also a Vicar - and we have been blessed with a daughter who to her father's chargrin supports a different football team. 

I think quite simply that there is nothing better that you can do with your life than become a follower of Jesus Christ. 

I can be contacted on or at @RevArun 

Hi, I’m Claire, the latest trainee vicar to arrive at St.Nic’s.

I’ve moved up from the East Midlands where I originally went to train as a nurse. Nursing has led me into supportive roles with people who, for one reason or another need extra help to come through difficulties.

I’m married to Tim, a photographer, and we have three adult children who continue to delight us. I have always known Jesus, sometimes powerfully changing and challenging me, sometimes simply steadying me in the day to day; everyday is worth living when you let Jesus be in the driving seat.

Tim and I love to pray so do ask us and we will gladly and regularly pray for you.

You can reach me at

Maeve Sherlock - Curate

Hi - I’m Maeve. I’ve been the Assistant Curate at St Nic’s since I was ordained in July 2018. Alongside my curacy I have a day job in the House of Lords where I serve as an Opposition whip and the Shadow Minister for Work & Pensions. I look forward to seeing you at St Nic’s soon - come and say hello! 

You can reach me at

Zoe Mathias - Student Worker and International Ministry co-coordinator.

I have a BA and MA in Theology, and love chatting theology (I have been told sometimes I may love it too much…) I have a particular interest in exploring how the church can help young people reflect on their calling, emerging from work I have done with the Centre for Theology and Community. I am also passionate about how the church can better create community in its local area (the focus of my MA dissertation). Before moving to Durham I worked in a church in East London, and was involved with community organizing with CitizensUK.

Durham is a wonderful city – if you are new here come say hi and I’ll let you know some of my favourite spots. I look forward to meeting you!

Mary Anne Freer - Church Warden

Chris Jelley - Church Warden

Hi my name is Chris and I am one of the Church Warden's at St Nic's. I have lived in Durham for about three and a half years. I am married to Sophie and have three children who all now seem to be taller than me! I work for myself as an IT consultant and have been a Christian for 25 years. Being Church Warden means that I have the proviledge of being responsible for the fabric and finance at St Nic's (woo hoo!!). It also, more importantly, means that I can be actively part of what God is doing through St Nic's in our wonderful City.

You can reach me at