St Nics, Durham

Leadership Team

Arun Arora - Vicar

I am a proud Brummie where I was born, raised, studied and worked variously as a market trader (clothes not stocks) warehouse operative, retail assistant, barman, campaigns officer and employment lawyer. After 4 years practising in the law  I served as Diocesan Communications Officer and Bishop’s Press Officer in the Diocese of Birmingham before training for ordination at Cranmer Hall, Durham - during which time I could often be found at the then 8pm service at St Nics, never for once thinking I might end up here as Vicar one day. 

I served my curacy at St. Mark’s, Harrogate and was also Director of Communications for the Archbishop of York. I led a Fresh Expression Pioneer Church in Wolverhampton before becoming Director of Communications for the Church of England in 2012. I became Vicar of St Nics in June 2017. I can often be found talking, writing and tweeting about faith both on and offline as well as bemoaning the performances of Aston Villa Football Club. I am married to Jo - who is also a Vicar - and we have been blessed with a daughter who to her father's chargrin supports a different football team. 

I think quite simply that there is nothing better that you can do with your life than become a follower of Jesus Christ. 

I can be contacted on or at @RevArun 

Maeve Sherlock - Curate

Hi - I’m Maeve. I’ve been the Assistant Curate at St Nic’s since I was ordained in July 2018. Alongside my curacy I have a day job in the House of Lords where I serve as an Opposition whip and the Shadow Minister for Work & Pensions. I look forward to seeing you at St Nic’s soon - come and say hello! You can reach me at

Naomi Stevens - Church Warden

I came to Durham in 2007 to study Earth Sciences and have been attending Nic's ever since. I love living and working in the pint-sized city of Durham, and being part of the Nic's family.

Chris Jelley - Church Warden

Hi my name is Chris and I am one of the Church Warden's at St Nic's. I have lived in Durham for about three and a half years. I am married to Sophie and have three children who all now seem to be taller than me! I work for myself as an IT consultant and have been a Christian for 25 years. Being Church Warden means that I have the proviledge of being responsible for the fabric and finance at St Nic's (woo hoo!!). It also, more importantly, means that I can be actively part of what God is doing through St Nic's in our wonderful City.

Lindsey Goodhew - Student Worker

My own time at university was life shaping. I discovered that answering the question 'Who is Jesus?' is the most important question of all. I was helped in this by the fantastic Christian community I was part of which helped my faith grow, deepen and come alive. Being part of a church in Durham which loves and welcomes students is a real privilege. As Student Worker at St Nics I love seeing students discover - and rediscover - who Jesus is - growing in faith, wrestling with life's big questions and finding unshakeable security and purpose in knowing how much we are each loved by God. If you want to know more about what Nics has to offer students, have a question about Christian faith or would simply value a chat over a cuppa then I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me direct on