St Nics, Durham

Meet our Staff Team


Arun Arora - Vicar

I am a proud Brummie where I was born, raised, studied and worked variously as a market trader (clothes not stocks) warehouse operative, retail assistant, barman, campaigns officer and employment lawyer. After 4 years practising in the law  I served as Diocesan Communications Officer and Bishop’s Press Officer in the Diocese of Birmingham before training for ordination at Cranmer Hall, Durham - during which time I could often be found at the then 8pm service at St Nics, never for once thinking I might end up here as Vicar one day. 

I served my curacy at St. Mark’s, Harrogate and was also Director of Communications for the Archbishop of York. I led a Fresh Expression Pioneer Church in Wolverhampton before becoming Director of Communications for the Church of England in 2012. I became Vicar of St Nics in June 2017. I can often be found talking, writing and tweeting about faith both on and offline as well as bemoaning the performances of Aston Villa Football Club. I am married to Jo - who is also a Vicar - and we have been blessed with a daughter who to her father's chargrin supports a different football team. 

I think quite simply that there is nothing better that you can do with your life than become a follower of Jesus Christ. 

I can be contacted on or at @RevArun 

Hi, I’m Claire, the latest trainee vicar to arrive at St.Nic’s.

I’ve moved up from the East Midlands where I originally went to train as a nurse. Nursing has led me into supportive roles with people who, for one reason or another need extra help to come through difficulties.

I’m married to Tim, a photographer, and we have three adult children who continue to delight us. I have always known Jesus, sometimes powerfully changing and challenging me, sometimes simply steadying me in the day to day; everyday is worth living when you let Jesus be in the driving seat.

Tim and I love to pray so do ask us and we will gladly and regularly pray for you.

You can reach me at

Maeve Sherlock - Curate

Hi - I’m Maeve. I’ve been the Assistant Curate at St Nic’s since I was ordained in July 2018. Alongside my curacy I have a day job in the House of Lords where I serve as an Opposition whip and the Shadow Minister for Work & Pensions. I look forward to seeing you at St Nic’s soon - come and say hello! 

You can reach me at

Church Wardens

Mary Anne Freer - Church Warden

I was born and brought up in Rugby, where the international game was invented. I am married to Andy and we have two adult daughters. I have been a primary school teacher for over thirty years. I have had the privilege of serving in several lay roles in the churches I have been part of. As well as being a Church Warden at St Nics, I am currently training to be a pastoral minister. I especially enjoy being part of the Alpha team, as it’s a great opportunity to walk alongside people who are exploring what it means to follow Christ. In my free time I love going to the theatre, swimming, singing in a choir and walking in the local countryside and along the coastline especially if there’s a coffee shop en route!

You can reach me at

Chris Jelley - Church Warden

Hi my name is Chris and I am one of the Church Warden's at St Nic's. I have lived in Durham for about three and a half years. I am married to Sophie and have three children who all now seem to be taller than me! I work for myself as an IT consultant and have been a Christian for 25 years. Being Church Warden means that I have the proviledge of being responsible for the fabric and finance at St Nic's (woo hoo!!). It also, more importantly, means that I can be actively part of what God is doing through St Nic's in our wonderful City.

You can reach me at

Ministry Leaders

Zoe Mathias - Student Worker and International Ministry co-coordinator.

I have a BA and MA in Theology, and love chatting theology (I have been told sometimes I may love it too much…) I have a particular interest in exploring how the church can help young people reflect on their calling, emerging from work I have done with the Centre for Theology and Community. I am also passionate about how the church can better create community in its local area (the focus of my MA dissertation). Before moving to Durham I worked in a church in East London, and was involved with community organizing with CitizensUK.

Durham is a wonderful city – if you are new here come say hi and I’ll let you know some of my favourite spots. I look forward to meeting you!

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LeAnne Davis – Youth Missioner

You can reach me at

Joe Cottrell – Youth Missioner

I moved to Durham from Liverpool in 2018. I had been living there for over 10 years. I’ve lived all over the U.K., but my family are from Essex. I'm married to the wonderful Rebecca, who is training for ordination at Cranmer Hall. In Liverpool I was living and working in Toxteth in Pioneer Mission for the Methodist Church, helping to lead an intentional Christian community based around rhythms of radical hospitality and prayer. I’m excited to see what God is going to do in and with the lives of the young people of Durham. To be a part of the work of the Holy Spirit is such a privilege and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us all!

You can reach me at

Kate Swann – Children & Families Worker

I come from Royal Leamington Spa (its proper name!) and I have been the Children and Families worker at St Nics since December 2017. I am married to Richard (we met when we were at playschool!) and we have 2 girls who are at primary school. I am a qualified primary school teacher and have taught for 16 years in the midlands and in various locations in and around county Durham. I am an only child, but I have 14 nieces and nephews! I play the Saxophone and Clarinet, support Leicester Tigers Rugby Team, and in my spare time, I like to bake.

You can reach me at

Sam Rankin – Worship Coordinator

I moved to Durham with my wife Jenny, who is training to be a vicar at Cranmer Hall, having met each other at university in York. I am a lover of music, American BBQ, Liverpool FC and CS Lewis.

You can reach me at

Admin and Support Staff

Kate Dawson – Operations Manager

Born way down South, I moved to Durham at the age of 6 and spent my childhood here. Having lived in various other cities and countries I had the privilege of being able to settle back in Durham as an adult with my husband Phil and our two children. I started working at St Nics four years ago and have loved being part of an ever-growing and diverse staff team and congregation. I love reading and walking, but I do not like sweets!

You can reach me at

Brandon Hurlbert – Communications Coordinator 

I was born and raised in southern California, where I got my BA and MA in Biblical and Theological Studies. After getting married in 2017, Brittany and I put most of our things in storage and moved to Durham so I could pursue my doctorate in Theology and Religion (with an focus in Old Testament). We have been worshiping at St Nics for over two years now and have fallen in love with Durham. I am a huge fan of Mexican food, specialty coffee, great film, and exploring the world with Brittany. 

You can reach me at

Ministry Experience Volunteers

Chloë Langham

I grew up in Buckinghamshire with my parents, younger brother, and Casper the dog. I moved to Durham in 2016 to study for a BA in Music and settled at St Nics in my first term here. Over the last 3 ½ years I have cherished the opportunities I’ve had to be involved in a wide variety of ministries at St Nics, and I look forward to what else this year as a Ministry Experience Volunteer has in store. In my spare time I enjoy sailing on the River Thames, baking, and walking.

Also, my name has the dots on the e, not the o. I'm not precious though so feel free to leave them off (as I often do!).

You can reach me at

Tom Musson

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David Lucas

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