St Nics, Durham

Small Groups

Small groups have a vital and essential role in the life of St. Nic’s. They provide opportunities for fellowship, worship, outreach, discipleship and service.

Groups generally meet fortnightly, although some meet weekly, and they provide an opportunity for getting to know a small number of people well, which is important in a large church. Much of the pastoral care of the church takes place in and through the groups as members support and pray for one another.

Prayer is an important part of most group meetings - for one another and also for more outward concerns. Some form of Bible study is usually included. This may sometimes be linked to the current sermon series thereby allowing members to work out together how what they hear on Sundays can make a difference to their lives during the week.

As people get to know one another in small groups, they begin to encourage and support one another in ministry and service. Groups may like to be involved in some kind of practical activity like making coffee after a Sunday service, helping with an Alpha course, involvement in the local community or organising an event to which friends can be invited.

The optimum number for a small groups is around 8-12 members, so as groups grow they are encouraged to multiply. This requires groups to grow new leaders, one way in which we can identify and encourage one another’s gifts.

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