The Prayer Course

The prayer course is a free course from 24-7 Prayer which serves as a helpful companion to our evening sermon series "Teach us how to Pray"

Community of

St. Cuthbert

Visit the Community of St Cuthbert page to download the latest study guide to help you and your Spiritual Support Group practise the rhythms of grace

Daily Prayer Diary

You can download the latest prayer diary that can be used daily.

Parish Drop Leaflet

We recently distributed a leaflet to our parish which contained information regarding our services. Additionally, you can find liturgy and prayers for both Morning and Night Prayer.

St Nics

Worship Videos

Members of our worship ministry have created a number of videos of some familiar songs that you can sing along with. 


Looking for more resources? Visit our Ministries page to stay up to date with all that is happening.

Caring for your Mental Health

Download the Church of England's mental health reflections booklet, updated with new material to provide hope, reassurance and comfort

Prayers for our Church Family

You can download a prayer diary that has a list of people's names from our church family. With this, you can focus your prayers by praying for people specifically.

Sunday Worship Spotify Playlist

We've created a playlist on Spotify of many of the songs we love to sing at St Nics. This is an easy way to get to know new songs and rediscover some old favourites. 


Here is a list of helpline numbers that can be consulted in case of a crisis


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