St Nics, Durham

Our Vision

“The Church of God doesn't so much have a mission, as the mission of God has a Church” - Steve Bevan

St Nics is part of a national and global family who seek to bless and transform our communities through loving Jesus, loving our neighbour and loving one another. We are shaped by a four-fold vision of Discipleship, Evangelism, Justice and Service founded upon our shared commitment to love God and our neighbour.

Vision meets Mission

At St Nics, we gather on Sundays to hear the word of God preached and to worship Jesus through music. We spend time together in prayer and we often partake in Holy Communion. But discipleship doesn't just happen on a Sunday or in a church pew (don't worry, we don't have pews) – becoming a disciple of Jesus is a day to day thing. During the week we offer various small groups where anyone can join to learn more about Jesus, while finding some friends along the way. We want to see people transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.

At St Nics, faith isn't something to be kept hidden, but shared with our neighbours, our city, and our world. Evangelism plays a huge part of our vision as we want to transform our Church by training, equipping, and mobilising our congregation to share the gospel in a relational and relevant way. 

At St Nics, the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is one that also transforms our culture and our society. Justice is always wedded to proclaiming the gospel, and following our example in Jesus, we are committed to welcoming the least, the last, and the lost. We are at home with the poor and disadvantaged, and we are on the streets, joining the fight against injustice. 

At St Nics, we are committed to seeking the good of the city of Durham. God has placed us in the city centre, and thus, we aim to serve this city with every resource and talent we have been given, whether that be in education, the arts, in business, or in government. We believe that the gospel is best heard when trust is earned through responsible actions, and so we want our service to reflect the gospel we preach.

St Nics is a Jesus-shaped movement, welcoming of all, committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

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