Lent Course

"Becoming One in Christ"

A Journey through the Lens of Racial Justice

The Diocese offers us the opportunity to continue the racial justice conversation during Lent through a five week set of quality Bible studies designed as PowerPoint presentations. These mixed media presentations work well over zoom with the zoom host screen sharing for everyone to see. You can download these presentations below. We encourage all Spiritual Support Groups and small groups to access these as your Lenten material this year in order to reflect more deeply on issues of racial justice following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent civil unrest that dominated our news headlines last year as we seek to understand and bring change in our own context.

The Diocese are offering  a centrally-staffed version of this Lent course on Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm starting on Tuesday 23rd February. It will be led by Alan Bartlett. It will be offered using ZOOM as the platform.
You can sign up by clicking here. Please register by Friday 19th Feb if you would like to join the group.

Session 00:


Session 01:

What is Heaven Like?

Session 02:

What is Jesus Like?

Session 03:

What is God in Christ up to?

Session 04:

How does our Church & society match up to God's vision?

Session 05:

What do we need to do to get closer to God’s Kingdom?