St Nics, Durham

International Ministry

We are particularly pleased to welcome students, research scholars and their families who come from other countries. We enjoy learning more about the life and culture of other people and would like to do all we can to make your time in Durham as happy and worthwhile as possible.

If you are already part of a Christian community in your home country we hope you will find a spiritual home here in Durham. You are very welcome whether or not you have a faith of your own, and we hope you will find supportive friends here.

One good way to meet other people is through 'Amigos' which is an informal international gathering which meets in the upstairs hall of the church every Wednesday evening from 7:30pm-9:30pm, even during the university vacation. We also arrange activities on other days such as visits to places of interest, especially during the summer, and occasional short holidays away.

If you would like to find out about what the Christian faith is about or to grow in your knowledge, we can arrange short introductory courses, study groups or one-to-one studies. Email for more details.