Holy Week

Walking the Way of the Cross

Holy week is a time where we focus our attention on Jesus' final days. We pay close attention to his actions and his words in order to reflect more deeply upon the meaning of his sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection.


As we cannot meet in person and things continue to look different than normal, our podcast entitled, Holy Week: Walking the Way of the Cross, is our way of doing Holy week together. Our series will be a reading of Walking the Way of the Cross: Prayers and Reflections on the Biblical Stations of the Cross by Stephen Cottrell, Paula Gooder, and Philip North. Each episode will feature readings and prayers that focus on a station of the cross. Members of our congregation will also read three short reflections written by the authors. On Good Friday, we will have three longer episodes of 1 hour each to mark the Three Hours at the Cross. Each station is accompanied by an image from Nicholas Markell, which can be found below.

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The Stations of the Cross