St Nics, Durham

Community of St Cuthbert

The Community of St Cuthbert: Spiritual Growth Groups that gives structure to our dispersed community.

They consist of small groups of people who commit themselves to meet regularly to encourage and support each other in their desire to become people deeply rooted in God and to grow in spiritual maturity.

What happens when the group meets?

When a Spiritual Growth Group meets, each member in turn is given space to speak honestly about some aspect of their current Christian journey.Usually they will focus on one or more of the Rhythms of Grace. After a member has spoken in this way, there will be a short time for silent reflection, followed by a time when the other members can comment on what has been said.

The keynote here is support and encouragement. Alongside this there will be an element of accountability in a way that shows one another we are actively interested in supporting each in their discipleship. It is usual at the end of each meeting for each member to choose some specific task to work at in the days leading up to the next meeting.

How Often Do Groups Meet ?

That depends on the group. For some it will be weekly, for others fortnightly, the important thing is that people commit to turn up to support one another and make every effort to attend.

What Happens Next ?

The Community will launch in 2019 and will be based at St Nics although open to any Christian in the Diocese of Durham or beyond.

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