St Nics, Durham

During the Week

Morning Prayer

Come and join us every weekday at 8am as we pray for God to move in our church, our communities, and our world.

Coffee Lounge

The main aim of the coffee lounge is to provide a friendly welcome and warm hospitality, and to share God’s love. It is becoming known as a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted, regardless of background, lifestyle or circumstances. Guests include shoppers, tourists, visitors, and many people who simply spend time in the marketplace on a daily basis. Some come to have some respite from whatever is happening at home. Some come to escape from the silence and loneliness at home.

The coffee lounge is open Monday to Saturday, 10am-12pm, serving well over a thousand cups of coffee each month for a low charge. The proceeds are split 50/50 between our partner charities and St Nic’s.

Light a Candle – Leave a Prayer

This takes place most Tuesdays in the chapel at St Nics, from 12.30 - 2.30pm. There is always a listener present in the chapel and a welcomer in church.

It offers an opportunity for quiet reflection and prayer, and you'll be able to pray with someone else if you would like to.

Gateway World Shop

This is a special kind of shop that offers a unique range of fairly-traded products from small producer groups in developing countries.

Gateway World Shop is a Christian alternative retailing company whose aim is to address poverty and injustice in the third world through its work as a fair trader.

Our products cover a wide range - pottery, jewellery, clothing, household items, foodstuffs, and recycled paper. They come mostly from the third world, from sources which give their workers a fair deal and pursue reasonable social policies. We believe that people should be encouraged to work their own way out of poverty by funding fair and just outlets for their goods.

We act as a 'gateway' between the market place and church, believing that God is particularly concerned about poverty and injustice, calling us to bring His love and justice to a needy world.