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St Nics Church
Durham City

Connecting people
with Jesus
Welcome to St Nics. Amigos, our international group, meets every Wednesday. Messy Church at All Saints, Newton Hall:Second Sunday in month, 4pm-5.30pm.  Information and events for students Light a candle, leave a prayer. Every Tuesday and Thursday, 12.30 - 2.30pm. Connecting people with Jesus world wide...
Welcome to St Nics. More >
Amigos, our international group, meets every Wednesday. More >
Messy Church at All Saints, Newton Hall:
Second Sunday in month, 4pm-5.30pm.  More >
Information and events for students More >
Light a candle, leave a prayer. 
Every Tuesday and Thursday, 12.30 - 2.30pm. More >
Connecting people with Jesus world wide... More >
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International Mission

At St. Nic’s we regard ourselves as part of the wider church both in this country and abroad. This has been central to our ministry and we have a tradition of supporting the spread of the Gospel abroad dating back at least to 1890 and Bishop Tucker, who is mentioned elsewhere on this website. We support mission agencies financially and in prayer. Each month a number of these mission agencies are included in the Intercessions. We hold a monthly prayer meeting to pray for the projects and people we support.

St Nic’s support for the church worldwide:                                  

The Bible Society More >

Church Mission Society - CMS

CMS - Latin America: Bible Translation in the Chaco More >
                          Toba, Northern Argentina and Enxet, Paraquay 

CMS - Mid Africa: Timothy Mission Partners

Davis Manana in Uganda More >
- Director of Bungokho Rural Development Centre in Mbale 

Rev. Manasseh Tuyizere in Rwanda More >
  Mission and Training Coordinator (Kigali Diocese)

Latvian Biblical Centre (former Riga International Bible Institute) More >

Durham yfc (Youth for Christ) More >

Friends International and Amigos More >

CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society) More >  


Also regular active Prayer Support for:

Fiona Stevenson More >
serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship International (MAF) 

St Nic's Members serving on Short-Term Mission More >


Coffee, Mission and Prayer

Why not join us in praying for these mission links.
We normally meet on the first Sunday of each month,
in the home of different church members from
3.30pm to 5pm, finshing in time for the 5.30pm service.

All welcome: Please join in with us ...



  • Welcome Pack - International Mission Leaflet
    Suporting the spread of the Gospel around the World has long been part of our ministry at St Nicholas Church. We offer support in prayer and financially.
    The leaflet contains an introduction to all the projects that we support.

  • Mission Bulletin May 2017  Contents:
    CPAS - St Nic's is very active in Ventures Camp work;
    Bible Society - We have a special place in our hearts for the Middle East; 
    Friends International and Amigos

  • Mission Bulletin October 2016  Contents:
    CPAS - Vision, Patron of St.Nics, Sandiley Ventures Camp;
    CMS - Paraquay, First Bible for Éxnet Sur people of Western Paraguay;
    Durham Youth for Christ
  • Mission Bulletin May 2016  Contents:
    CMS - Rwanda  Timothy Mission Partner: Rev. Manasseh Tuyizere;
    CMS - Uganda  Timothy Mission Partner: Davis Manana , Bungokho Rural Development Centre
    LBC (Latvia Biblical Centre): Victor and Esther Petrenko





If you would like to know more about St Nics’ links with the worldwide church please speak to any member of the International Mission committee

Marc Ghosh, Lorraine Longthorne, Kathryn Sygrove,
Mike Heywood, Andrew Trigger, Richard Baker,
or the church staff team.